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Wakarusa 2011 Lineup Released



Wakarusa, 2010 Photo by Jenn Tarver, courtesy of E.arth-T.one Photography 

All that anticipation is finally over! The Wakarusa 2011 lineup has been released and I’m not the first to say how excited I am. This festival was utterly phenomenal last year, due in part to fantastic performances, an awesome crowd and a beautiful community atmosphere. I have no doubt that this year’s will be just as wonderful! Here is is:


Go here for tickets. See you all at the there!



The Social Networking Trend of 2011: Mobile Photos


I know right? We already do that. Phones have been capable of sending and sharing photos to the web for quite some time now. I believe there will emerge a platform that standardizes the way we share photos. Now of course, there are already several giant apps and photo sharing website, but I believe the buzz and demand for sharing photos in real time will grow. Facebook and twitter will continue to integrate mobile photo sharing, incorporating all the favorite “like” and “comment” features that compell people to share photos of geese in the road, or news worthy images. 

Remember, you can tell a lot about a person by their mobile uploads. 

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Day 2- Where you’d like to be in 10 years

This question is never far from my mind. I often affirm my long-term goals, generally in a van, telling people what it is I plan to do. I’d like to be working in Public Relations, some type of Marketing. Id like to work with a community based organization that is artistic in nature. I think I want to be married…….

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